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Combat Leaders is the ultimate source for former military motivational speakers, keynote speakers, and business speakers.


Our roster of speakers will share insights on leadership, team-building, motivation, crisis management, persistence, and peak performance that will impress any audience.


Our exclusive national network of motivational speakers and certified leader development trainers come from a variety of backgrounds, levels, and areas of expertise.  This allows us to match you with the best speaker for your specific need. 


We have everything from retired General and Brigade Commanders who are experts in strategic planning to an Airborne Ranger Squad Leader who led a small team on raids through the caves of Afghanistan.  Many of Combat Leaders’ consultants are also Wounded Warriors whose stories of recovery will simultaneously bring a tear to your eye and inspire an entire room to realize the hidden power, unlimited potential, and drive in all of us.


Our goal is to create an unforgettable event for you and your organization.  Here are just a few samples bios of our advisors and consultants. Please contact us to match your needs with the right hero.


Airborne Ranger

  • West Point, Harvard MBA, White House Fellow
  • Tank Platoon Leader, Desert Storm
  • Senior Wall Street Executive
  • Finance, Operations, Non-Profit
  • New York, NY



  • Platoon Leader, Afghanistan (6 combat deployments in 20 years). Purple Heart.
  • Non-Profit Manager
  • Counseling, Crisis Management, Motivational Speaker (Shot 21 times)
  • Tampa, FL


Airborne Ranger

  • West Point, NYU MBA
  • Civil Affairs A-Team Leader, Baghdad. Bronze Star Purple Heart
  • Serial Entrepreneur (Inc. 500)
  • Sales, Leadership, Non-Profit
  • New York, NY


Airborne Ranger, Combat Engineer

  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Ohio State MBA
  • Engineer Platoon Leader, 101st Airborne, Desert Storm
  • C-Level Executive, F500, GE black belt
  • Operations, Logistics, six sigma
  • Milwaukee, WI


Green Beret

  • Georgetown M.A.
  • Communications Sergeant, Afghanistan  (2 tours).  Bronze Star, Purple Heart.
  • Technology and Research Analyst
  • Technology, Law Enforcement, Intelligence
  • Washington D.C.


Airborne Ranger, Apache Helicopter Pilot

  • West Point
  • Haiti, 101st Airborne
  • F500 consultant, Small Business Owner
  • Sales, Leadership Training, start-ups
  • Atlanta, GA



In general we try to match your topic to your audience and specific event needs from inspiration to education.  Here are some of our more popular topics:

  • Persistence in the Face of Adversity
  • EntrepreneurshipBusiness
  • Lessons Learned in Combat
  • Peak Performance
  • Building a High Performance
  • Team Motivating Others
  • Change Management
  • Inspiration Leadership
  • Leader’s Compass: Ethics and Values
  • Goal Setting
  • Communication
  • Coaching and Developing Others
  • MDMP (Military Decision Making Process)
  • Conducting After Action Reviews
  • Leading in Crisis


Selection Guidance

  • Establish the date, location, and budget of your event. These factors will play an important role in determining the pool of keynote speakers available to you.


  • Determine the type of presentation you want and the time of day when it will take place. Some speakers are skilled at delivering workshops, while others excel at providing keynotes.


  • Clarify why you want to hire a keynote speaker.
    • Educate
    • Motivate
    • Shift behavior
    • Initiate a change effort
    • Raise funds
    • Promote a cause or organization
    • Entertain
    • Specific Topic (entrepreneurship, persistence, crisis management)


  • Consider the demographics of your audience. Do you need a keynote speaker who will appeal to a general audience or one who will interest a specific group (e.g., an all-women’s group)?


Sample Videos


To learn more and discuss your specific needs please contact us.