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The single most important job of a leader is developing other leaders. No one in the world does that better than The United States Military.


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Combat Leaders is a specialized management consulting and leadership development company. Our unique national network of consultants, certified trainers, and motivational speakers are all Combat Veterans and Special Operations soldiers (Rangers, SEALs, Green Berets, AFSOC, MARSOC, Delta) who also have at least 5 years of business experience as well. We specialize in leadership, business ethics, and crisis management training including executive coaching. All of our programs use the principles and techniques taught in the most elite military schools and perfected by application in actual battle.


Our Mission

To create goal-oriented, ethical leaders at all levels who take care of their people and focus on results.


Our Services

We currently offer four fully customizable services:

  • Leadership Development Training
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Sales Training
  • Executive Coaching


Our Results

We impart the knowledge, expertise, and mental toughness learned in military combat to help organizations maximize performance. We develop resilient, strong leaders of character that perform at peak levels even under conditions of adversity and extreme stress. These confident and competent leaders are given the training and skills necessary to have their teams meet their goals and objectives consistently no matter the timeline, obstacles, or challenges.


“Military work is risky, pressured, and fast-changing. It calls for seemingly contradictory capabilities: absolute clarity about the mission at a high level, extraordinary adaptability on the ground, and a knack for managing complex, technically precise systems. These are the same skills that companies today need to prevail in a climate of intense economic uncertainty.”

-Harvard Business Review


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