February 2015: The Single Most Comprehensive Collection Of Military/Business Articles – Bar None.

Over the past couple of years I have been researching various topics associated with leadership. During this same time, I have been ask to keynote, coach, and mentor a number of Vets transitioning to business as well as various Vetrepreneurs. My message is always the same – “I know this is a difficult and uncertain time, but trust me the skills and lessons you learned in the military will translate quite well in the civilian world.


So I am sharing this set of articles I have been curating and boldly state the following – this is THE MOST comprehensive collection of articles on leadership and business based upon military service. They come from a variety of authoritative sources including Harvard Business Review, WSJ, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and NY Times, among others. I know it is a bit long for one sitting, so please copy or bookmark the url and come back early and often to review the list and read another article from time to time.


If you are a transitioning Vet – read 5 of these a day until you are done. Read and reflect. Take notes. These articles will provide you valuable insight and a better understanding of:

A. How well your experience will translate.

B. What are those specific traits and experiences.

C. How to communicate those skills and characteristics in a job interview.


If you know of some good articles that are missing from below – let me know. I will add them.


Leadership Lessons From The Military (Harvard Business Review Spotlight Article Collection)


How to make a killing: Business has much to learn from the armed forces (The Economist)


Employing America’s Veterans: Perspectives from Businesses


10 Reasons Veterans Make Great Employees

  1. Leadership and teamwork skills: Veterans typically have led colleagues, accepted direction from others and operated as part of a small team.
  2. Character: Veterans are perceived as being trustworthy, dependable, drug-free and having a strong work ethic.
  3. Structure and discipline: Companies appreciate veterans’ experience in following established procedures.
  4. Expertise: Companies value veterans’ occupational skills, job-specific experiences and understanding of the military community.
  5. Dynamic environment: Veterans are accustomed to performing and making decisions in dynamic, rapidly changing circumstances.
  6. Effectiveness: Company representatives report that veterans “get it done.”
  7. Proven success: Some organizations hire veterans largely because other vets already in their organization have been successful.
  8. Resiliency: Veterans are accustomed to working in difficult environments, traveling and relocating.
  9. Loyalty. Veterans are committed to the organizations they work for, which can translate into longer tenure.
  10. Public relations value: Some companies have found that hiring vets has marketing benefits.


Battle-tested: From soldier to business leader


Perfect Start-up Employee: Vets


How War Has Prepared Today’s Veterans for Startups and Small Businesses


Why Veterans Make Good Employees


Green Beret Explains Why Special Forces Training Is Better Than An MBA


Why Veterans Make Great Entrepreneurs


Vets use skills learned in battle to make mark in business world


Why CEOs Who Have Been In The Military Outperform Everyone Else


Where Great Leaders Earn Their Stripes


3 Lessons for CEOs in Deploying Military Leadership Principles


6 Traits of Exceptional Military Leaders That Apply in the Business World


A Navy SEAL’s 5 Entrepreneurial Leadership Lessons From 2014


9 Powerful Leadership Lessons From The Military


11 Principles of Leadership (from US Army Manual 1948)


Leadership Lessons from the Marine Corps by Patrick Lefler


Leadership Lessons from the Battlefield


Public Esteem for Military Still High


Leadership lessons from the Royal Navy


US Navy SEAL teams are epitome of high performance units. They live by 3 values


5 lessons from a Ranger/Special Ops soldier about leadership and persistence


Five Business Lessons from the US Navy


Jim Collins: My Reading List for Military Inspired Leadership Tips


7 Leadership Lessons From the SEALs Commander Who Got bin Laden


How This Franchisee Turned Military Lessons Into Business Success


What I Learned From the Military: Business Lessons From 8 Veterans in Franchising


What Business Can Learn from the Medal of Honor Tradition


How One Former Navy SEAL Modulates Authentic Leadership


Wholehearted Leadership In The U.S. Marine Corps


Why Hiring Veterans Is Good for Business—and for America


SCORE Association (Service Corps of Retired Executives) is a nonprofit


Learn leadership lessons from a combat veteran


7 Secret Habits of US Navy SEALs: Here are rules to live by to be your most effective.


The Best Management Advice From ‘The Art Of War’


Six Creative Leadership Lessons From The Military In An Era of VUCA And COIN


10 Leadership Lessons From U.S. Commanding General John E. Michel


10 Lessons From Special-Ops That Could Help Your Business Win


7 Management Strategies From Some Of History’s Greatest Generals


10 Lessons from America’s Greatest Military Leaders


Five Resources for Turning Vets into Entrepreneurs

Government programs that aim to help veterans strike out on their own


How Military Veterans Are Finding Success in Small Business

military veterans are increasingly turning to entrepreneurship. Here’s a look at their battle plans


Veterans Tackle the Challenges of Entrepreneurship

New programs help veterans harness their unique skills


Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Gives Wounded Veterans a New Life


On Starting Up From Three Veteran Entrepreneurs

You may think you know what tough is, but these three vets can tell you a few stories


Go Daddy Founder Bob Parsons: I Owe My Success to the Marines


What I Learned From the Military: Business Lessons From 8 Veterans


By the Numbers: U.S. Veteran-Owned Businesses (Infographic)

From Flying in the Military to Launching a Business

How one military man’s experience prepared him for the entrepreneurial life.


Why Athletes and Veterans Make Incredible Franchisees


Calling All Vets: How to Transition From Military Service to Entrepreneurship


Motivating Women Vets to Start Businesses

West Point grad Meghan Florkowski runs an affordable program that trains female veterans for entrepreneurial life.


How I Turned Military Lessons Into Business Success


Veterans Are Natural Born Entrepreneurs

Discipline, training and organization can be tapped for financial victory.


Top 10 Reasons Veterans make Great Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders


Veterans Are Natural Born Entrepreneurs


5 Insights for Veterans Competing in the Civilian World


7 Qualities the Army Instilled in Me That Helped Me Launch a Business


Veteran-Owned Businesses: Taking The Country By Storm

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Series of Articles on Vets Courtesy of Entrepreneur magazine

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Career Advice for Vets Translate Apply Military Skills to Create Success

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7 Leadership Takeaways From The Battlefield To The Boardroom


Does Coach K Have What It Takes To Be A CEO? WestPoint Class of 1969


Whether at a Startup or on a Nuclear Submarine, Earn Your Leadership


Battlefield vet shares servant leadership lessons


The military’s flexible planning requires flexible leaders


Great Leadership Isn’t About You – John Michel


A Military Leader’s Approach to Dealing with Complexity


6 Leadership Lessons From A 3-Star General

“Leadership is deliberate: You don’t accidentally have successful teams”


What’s So Special about Special Ops?

The U.S. military’s elite training programs offer a model for the strategic deployment of human capital and for building effective teams.


Leading Through Uncertainty: Lessons in Managing From the U.S. Military


2 Books:

  • Combat Leader to Corporate Leader: 20 Lessons to Advance Your Civilian Career
  • Battlefield to Business Success: Applying Military Leadership and Skills in Your Career


The Art of Modern Leadership (video)

In a lecture for Stanford Business School, retired General Stanley McChrystal looks at lessons from recent American history and explains how anyone can become a stronger, more forward-thinking leader.


7 Tough Leadership Lessons From A Navy SEAL Commander

Taking tactics from the war room to the boardroom


10 Inspirational Quotes from Navy SEALS Training (via Entrepreneur)

My favorite: “We’re Not Going to Stop Until We Get at Least One Quitter”


The 7 Secret Habits of Navy SEALs (via Inc)


Navy SEAL Lessons For Operating Successfully As A Team (via Fast Company)


Where Great Leaders Earn Their Stripes…Harvard? Nope. Yale? Nope.

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No-Excuse Leadership Lessons From A USMC Captain

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23 Things Great Leaders Always Do

In honor of the Army’s 239th birthday, here are some of the top leadership lessons I learned from serving in and reporting on the United States Army.


Author of “Good to Great” went to West Point to teach leadership.  Instead, he was the one who got schooled.


10 Awesome Ways to Inspire Others: Battlefield or boardroom

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Stanley McChrystal: Listen, learn … then lead. TED Talk (15 minutes)


Leadership Traits Of Military CEOs


What Clorox’s CEO learned from being a Marine


J&J Chairman and CEO Alex Gorsky, West Point Class of 1982, discusses his leadership style, approach to decision making and common leadership myths


- Tom Deierlein


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