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December 2013: 14 Things List (New Top 10?)

This month for “In Case You Missed It” I roll up a few Top 14 lists. Did I miss the memo – or is 14 the new “Top 10” ? As you know I love “Top Lists” so when I saw one with 14 – it clearly caught my eye and I had to chuckle because it made me think of “This is Spinal Tap” and the classic scene where he describes how their amps and equipment all go the extra number to eleven for that extra sound. So, in this case the magic number is not 3, 5, 10 or 20. I liked each of these and so for this month – 14 is the number of leadership and management tips.


November 2013: Motivating Millennials

This month for “In Case You Missed It” we discuss cross generational leadership. The funny thing is that each generation of Americans (and perhaps other countries too) often talk about how much harder they had it or how much harder they work(ed) – often looking down at “those darn kids” that represent the next generation of great performers and great leaders. Enjoy these articles because they do point out shared experiences and some cultural trends that have shaped different generations’ opinions and approaches to life and work – but do not assume these apply to someone you know based upon age alone. 30 people work for you?? You need 30 motivation plans.


October 2013: How To Manage Up

This month for “In Case You Missed It” we discuss a sensitive topic that many struggle with. It comes up EVERY leadership course I teach. “How do I manage my boss?” or “I know what good leadership is now…but my boss is terrible…what do I do?” So here are a few good articles I dug up on the topic.


July 2013: Are Women Better Leaders than Men?

In this month’s ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) we explore the leadership strengths and remaining challenges for women leaders. There is some great stuff in here from McKinsey which has published a series of reports since 2007.


June 2013: Leadership Lessons From The Military

Since leadership is usually the first characteristic mentioned by folks for the reason to hire military, in this month’s ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) we highlight some resources for military veterans in transition or those looking to hire Vets.